How Does Voting Work

Firstly, we want to salute the thousands and thousands of people doing amazing things in Baltimore and beyond. While we wish that every single person doing amazing things could be listed, we also realize that if they were we would have a ceremony lasting for months. We want to take this time to thank and salute anyone and everyone doing any and everything to make this city a thriving community. FOR BACKGROUND INFO The mission of The Baltimore Scene is to promote love, positivity, and unity throughout the city of Baltimore. Our organization strives to inspre individuals to take small and large meaningful actions of affirmation and kindess that make a positive impact around them. Our organization believes that by working together we can address the challenges facing our city and create a bright future for all Baltimore Residents. Through our hundreds of events, programs, and initiatives over the last two decades, we aim to strengthen the cultural fabric of Baltimore and create a loving, welcoming, and supportive environment for all members of the community. We seek to to inspire individuals to foster pride and ownership in the city of Baltimore and to create a legacy of love that will endure for generations to come and spill over to other cities, states, countries and ultimately the world. Baltimore is often only associated with a one dimensional limited narrative, we are committed to pouring time, energy, heart, soul, into putting the limelight on the genius and beauty of Baltimore and Baltimoreans locally and internationally and in turn inspire people everywhere to shine the light on goodness to multiply and expand it. Our events and programs foster a vibrant and inclusive arts and culture community. We provide platforms and training for youth, local multi-generational artiss, musicians, creatives, activists and entrepreneurs to showcase theri talents, collaborate with each other and connect with audiences. Our ultimate goal is to create a Baltimore where individuals feel valued and included, and where the power of human connection is harnessed to drive positive change and progress.


This Event has Two Rounds of Voting 5-6 months before and leading up to the event
Emails, alerts, direct texts are sent to approximately 7000 Directors of Arts Institutions and Community Organizations, Baltimore Bloggers, Podcast hosts, Event Hosts, Organization Directors, Baltimore Hall of Fame Members, DJs, Entrepreneurs, Producers, Actors, Musicians, Emcees, Poets, Visual Artists, Venue Owners, Bloggers, Activists, Politicians, Event Curators, Promoters, Comedians, Fashion Designers, Educators , Graphic Designers and fans and supporters of The Baltimore Scene — - and thousands get direct texts, messages and even calls along with offline promo/networking and online promo to the general public that falls under the above list that we don’t have personal contact info for.

This event is about encouraging the city to spread love to others and give them their flowers—now why we can.

This list is the response to those who gave their time to write out detailed reasons of who they would like to see receive flowers this year

For this second round, the city decides however VOTES WITH NO REASONS ARE NOT COUNTED
When you vote this year, you will get an alert to when 2024 write in voting takes place.


  1. I’m trying to vote for Checkpoint podcast

  2. Do you have categories for : Church musicians, Christian bands, Ministers of Music, Soloists & Gospel Rap Artists ? * Signed the " Music-Man Ceo of Praise Unlimited Ministries & Host of Elevation Radio1. Office : 1-410-302-2737.

  3. Trying to vote for RawDope Podcast