The Crowned : 2023/2024

About The Baltimore Crown Awards


“Last night was the best event that I have ever been to. I met so many legends! The energy in that room and the unity was breathtaking. Yesterday, you showed the world that Baltimore can come together”-----Voice of Baltimore

"I flew into Baltimore from San Francisco after performing and made it a priority to make it to the Baltimore Crown Awards! I had a great time ! It was a great event with nothing but love from great artists, influencers, dancers, and creatives, all from my city. It felt so good seeing so many people in one building together. Thank you Chin-Yer putting together such a great event that shines a lot light on different artists and recognizes them for their talent they’ve put in”------Timothy Fletcher

“The crown awards is our family reunion and our culminating event all at once. Chin-Yer powers the city with a force of love that is immeasurable and undefined but felt across space and time. At this point she just needs the convention center cuz baby! Baltimore showed OUT! -Grace Love of Poets for Dinner

“Thank you so much Chin-Yer for bringing us all together. This event was epic and the love is real”- Lor Xay Xay

“The Crown Awards! Chin-Yer you put on a hell of a show - I brought three strangers to show how we get down and they were amazed. It was like the Grammy’s in person”---Tif Saleem
v "The Baltimore Crown Awards is one of my favorite the entire country"! Good to see everyone under one roof"-Shadeed of Indie Planet

"Big Love to such epic energy last night" - Mully Man

"You are magnificent! You honor community and leadership in a way that is untouchable and is truly touching" -Mama Kibibi Ajanku

"Just wanna say thank you so much Chin-Yer for giving the younger generation a chance to be noticed as well. Last night was a great turn out and you definitely brought the entire city together" Lil Tae

"To see Baltimore Come together like that last night was truly amazing. There's people I haven't seen in over 25 years still laying down the culture. The Crown Awards really puts things into perspective and it's really bringing shine to Baltimore Hip Hop Culture. The love from last night was out of this world. This is our time Baltimore, Let's keep the fire lit!" -Booda Monk

"Chin-yer, Hey dear! WOW-what a packed house, standing room only! Congrats on a successful event. I didn't know it was like THAT. lol. You've obviously put a lot of work into building and promoting. Props! -Ken Brown- poet/curator of Mother Earth Poetry Vibe

"Still really feeling a buzz from Saturday's Baltimore Crown Awards. Just wanted to say thank you for throwing an event that not only gave credit to the many hard working artists in the city, but also was an event that showed how much love we can show for each other. We're always recognized for our violence and hatred towards one another. I don't know that side. I know a city that supports dopeness and hard work. Let's keep going y'all" Eze Jackson \

“Chin-Yer you have scripted Baltimore in the royal records forever. Everyone wore their crown. The vibes was lit, energetic, high spirited, conscious, positive and grand!”\

Love Strength\

The mission of The Baltimore Scene is to promote love, positivity and unity throughout the city of Baltimore. Our organization strives to inspire individuals to take small and large meaningful actions of affirmations and kindness that make a positive impact around them. By honoring, connecting, developing, promoting and loving the greatness of Baltimore's residents, we strive to make Baltimore synonymous with the genius, talent, and community here for more of the History of Event visit homepage: for tickets --please go to (hit "follow" when you're there to subscribe to future events)

" Baltimore Legend Award Recipients Arch Social Club
Kay Lawal-Muhammed & Rashida Forman-Bey of WombWork
DJ Quicksilva
Shawn Ceasar
Jon Cash
Mike Nyce
Black Chakra
Bunkey Jr
Kariz Marcel

Derrick OOH Jones Service Award Recipient
Uncle T

Genius of The Year
Timothy fletcher

Youth Artist of The Year
Lor Xay Xay

Best New Artist
Baltimore Bella

Hip Hop Artist of The Year Male
YG Teck

Hip Hop Artist of The Year Female

Song of the Year
I be tripping -YBS Skola

Underground Release of The Year
Criminal Discourse Jay Royale

Dj of the Year

Poet of The Year
K Love

Actress of The Year
Mecca Verdell

Special Achievement Award
Jess Hilarious

Innovator Award
Bemi Byrd

Media of The Year
Only in Baltimore

Business of the Year
Biddy’s TVs

Producer of The Year
Dj Booman

Visual Artist of The Year
Roe Vision

Bookstore of the Year
Everyone’s Place

Art Venue of The Year
Motor House

Vendor of The Year
Urban Oysters

Musician of The Year
Timothy Fletcher

Vocalist of The Year
Devon Fleming

Retail Store of The Year
City of Gods

Creative of The Year
Black Genius Art Show

Radio Show of The Year Dj Duke Talk Heavy Radio

Dancer of The Year
Bunkey Jr

Open Mic of The Year
Love and Hip Hop

Band of the Year
Morgan State University Band

Manager of the Year
Bmore Alien

Hometown Hero Award
Pinky Cole

Artivist of the Year
Aaron Maybin

Restaurant of The Year
Papi’s Cuisine

Chef of The Year
The Empanada Lady

Comedian of The Year
Maria Sanchez

Writer/Author of The Year
D Watkins

Baltimore Club Scene Award
Kai McFly

The Impact Award
Bunkey Jr

Barber of the Year
Bippley Snip

Hairstylist of the Year
Locs of Honey

Make Up Artist of The Year
Star Faces

Photographer of The Year
Kyle Pompey

Graphic Designer of The Year
Fantasy Designs

Entrepreneur of The Year
Durrell Paige/Ayo Boutique

Battle Rapper of The Year
Julio Santana

Duo/Group of the Year
Tew World Order

Videographer of the Year
Maine Visuals

The Wellness Award
Do The Bike Thing

Event Host of The Year
April Watts

Under The Radar

Bike Life Award

Renaissance Woman of The Year
Shelia Gaskins

Renaissance Man of the year
Kenneth Something

Event of the Year
Park Heights Reunion

Studio of The Year
Blakwater House

Promoter of the Year
Dj Tanz and Friends

Special Appreciation Award
Charmcity Maven

Supporter of the Year
Slangston Hughes

Tattoo Artist of The Year

Best Clothing Line
From Baltimore With Love

Fashion Designer of The Year
Free The Mind Clothing

Elder of the Year The Running Man

The Baltimore Crown Awards is Primarily sponsored by The Baltimore Scene
with community support
Thank you to and much love to additional sponsors
Mogul Printing
Black Equity Baltimore
The Creative Baltimore Fund Baltimore Office of Promotion of The Arts Focus Movers

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