The Baltimore Scene: Connecting & Celebrating Greatness

The Baltimore Scene brings together all facets of The Baltimore Art Community(Poets, MCs, Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, Producers, Media, Visual and Graphic Artists, DJs, Promoters, Managers, Booking Agents, Community Activists and Fans/Supporters of The Baltimore Arts Scene to connect, celebrate, enhance, serve, encourage and affirm our thriving artistic community. Following, are a few of the testimonials we received after a few events. Some additional testimonials can be found on top of the page.


“Last night (The Baltimore Crown Awards) was the best event that I have ever been to. I met so many legends! The energy in that room and the unity was breathtaking. Yesterday, you showed the world that Baltimore can come together”-----Voice of Baltimore

"I flew into Baltimore from San Francisco after performing and made it a priority to make it to the Baltimore Crown Awards! I had a great time ! It was a great event with nothing but love from great artists, influencers, dancers, and creatives, all from my city. It felt so good seeing so many people in one building together. Thank you Chin-Yer for putting together such a great event that shines a lot light on different artists and recognizes them for their talent they’ve put in”------Timothy Fletcher

“The crown awards is our family reunion and our culminating event all at once. Chin-Yer powers the city with a force of love that is immeasurable and undefined but felt across space and time. At this point she just needs the convention center cuz baby! Baltimore showed OUT! -Grace Love of Poets for Dinner

“Thank you so much Chin-Yer for bringing us all together. This event was epic and the love is real”- Lor Xay Xay

“The Crown Awards! Chin-Yer you put on a hell of a show - I brought three strangers to show how we get down and they were amazed. It was like the Grammy’s in person”---Tif Saleem

"The Baltimore Crown Awards is one of my favorite the entire country.
Good to see everyone under one roof."- Shadeed of

"You are magnificent! You honor community & leadership in a way that is untouchable and is truly touching" - -Mama Kibibi Ajanku

"Just wanna say thank you so much Chin-Yer for giving the younger generation a chance to be noticed as well. Last night was a great turn out and you definitely brought the entire city together!"
-Lil Tae- Worldstar Hip Hop Signed MC

"To see Baltimore come together like that last night was truly amazing. There's people I haven't seen in over 25 years still laying down the culture. The Crown Awards really put things in perspective and it's really bringing shine to the Baltimore Hip Hop Culture. The love from last night was out of this world. This is our time Baltimore, Let's keep the fire lit!""
-Booda Monk

"Congratsssssss on another beautiful event. The city, Yes the entire city needs the love that you provide to it. You are a light for so may different areas and we thank you for being such and for creating a place where talent can thrive, learn, grow, and be who they are destined to be, for creatig a stage that allows flowers to be given and appreciated in real time. I'm not just saying that just because I'm the inner of podcast of the year (2 years straight) might I add lol but I'm saying this because it's true. You have a gift of creating love with no strings attached,k and for that we will always love you!!!!- keep up the great work for THE CITY""
Ty Hill of Cards Face Up Podcast

"I love this event because it's one of the few places you can see artists, activists, and musicians young and old altogether to celebrate one another"
-Galanda Annette

"I loved getting to catch up with so many wonderful people at the Baltimore Crown Awards last night. Chin-Yer, you are amazing. Thank you for offering this convening for us to all listen, laugh, and celebrate each other every year."
-Wendel Patrick

“In terms of overall spectrum and not leaving a stone unturned, THE BALTIMORE CROWN AWARDS covered every base. I witnessed such love & unity amongst peers from different genres of music, artistic expression, generations, radio personalities ( local & internet), & business owners ( profit & non profit) that I felt a strong sense of hope for the future. & honor to see what is was & is coming” This award show prides itself on authenticity where nominees & winners were artists, business owners, photographers, & radio personalities were genuinely picked by peers who acknowledged their importance to the scene…I felt a overwhelming sense of gratitude & appreciation to Chin-Yer for the idea & inspiration to put this “family reunion” together.. & to her credit . The award show could only be done by her because it’s a reflection of Chin…the business side, radio, poetry, photography, hip hop, r & b, ……Chin-Yer is involved in all aspects of the awards categories in some respect. Even the best dance group category ( don’t sleep on her dancing skills)- overall I just want to say simply…thanks for this contribution to our community in Baltimore & the DMV/ Baltimore music scene.”
-Brian Hoyt

"Bless Chin-yer Wright for the Baltimore Crown Awards, it was lit to see my peers in the same room with the veterans. Thank you for being a bridge between worlds and sections of the art world. We tend to get cliquish and last night was just love, inclusivity, and family. Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times."
-Alanah Nicole

"I'm super proud of you. The Baltimore Crown Awards has become an institution. You put in hella work building up the scene and you hold it down as an amazing mom."
-James Collins Creator of Fertile Ground/Co-Creator of Organic Soul Tuesdays
"Yes! This is Excellent. Very nice show all around. Was my 1st time! I'm more impressed with Baltimore because of coming"
-Nae Garcia

"Chin-yer,Hey dear! WOW--what a packed house; standing room only! Congrats on a successful event, dear. I didn't know it was like THAT. Lol. You've obviously put a lot of work into building and promoting. Props!"
-Ken Brown/Analysis-poet/curator of Mother Earth Poetry Vibe (First time at the Crown Awards)

"Chin-yer Wright, Thank You!! You are truly an amazing spirit. What you do for Baltimore is a blessing. We appreciate you."
-Jae The Lyoness

"All of those beautiful creators and artisans. Salute Sistar Chin-yer for bringing the dopest artists and supporters in the Baltimore Scene together looking fly as hell and showcasing gifts and talents for a worthy cause. Literacy!"
-Shawna Cheatham

"Peace to all! First and foremost much respect to Chin-yer for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent last night in the Beat Challenge and to all coordinators who help create a platform for artists to come out and display their craft. Secondly, much respect to all the producers, lyricists, designers, managers,and legends who have and continue to keep our creativity and musical vibrations alive in the past and currently! Last night was my 1st Crown Awards and the energy and skill set that was in the building was remarkable! We have too much talent out here for us to be put in the limelight the way that we are. Although we have everyday issues that all urban communities deal with across the map, it's not what we go thru but how we make it out of it! Collectively, we can make it happen and we should. I look forward to listening, learning, and collaborating with some of you in the near future! And last but not least, we often hear Baltimore is like crabs in a barrel, but the barrel is only as valuable as the goods that are in it, think about that and everyone have a productive week Peace!"
-Born Spectact

"Very impressed by what I see going on down here at the Baltimore Crown Awards" #BALTIMOREHIPHOP #REALNESS
-Michael Smith

Thank you Chin-yer for your thoughtfulness and love you shared honoring Wombwork...and to have the award given by the family of brother OOH was more than awesome. This is the kind of real love that helps to fuel us to continue on our journey in helping to heal our community. May the most high continue to bless you Chin-yer, in ways you can't imagine. One Love"
-Mama Rashida of Womb Work

"Wombwork is so grateful for the acknowledgement last evening. What a wonderful event. If we had a thousand tongues, we couldn't thank you all enough. May the creative revolutionary spirit of OOH Derrick Jones live forever" -Mama Kay of Wombwork

"I had a great day yesterday! Celebrating the solar return of one of my big sisters as well as attending the Baltimore Scene crown awards! Shout out to Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescene for her diligence in supporting baltimore artist! Had a chance to meet a lot of up and coming artist doing their thang! It was also great to see all of the artist who have been on the scene for a very long time! Mentorship keeps the art scene flowing in a healthy manner, where the work of those who set the path are never forgotten,the up and coming artists know your name your work, as well their responsibility to continue the
legacy set forth by the great ones of old... #mentorship #supportindieartist"
-Navasha Daya-

"Still really feeling a buzz from Saturday's Baltimore Crown Awards. Just wanted to say thank you for throwing an event that not only gave credit to the many hard working artists in the city, but also was an event that showed how much love we can show for each other. We're always recognized for our violence and hatred towards one another. I don't know that side. I know a city that supports dopeness and hard work. Let's keep going y'all"
Eze Jackson

"Good morning, I just wanna thank you for the ball. I couldn't come but I was excited to buy a ticket to support your vision. I love your spirit, and it was a much needed time for the community to love up on each other and be fly as Fu*&. Thank you for giving that to Baltimore"
-Erricka Bridgeford

"I left the Baltimore Crown Awards proud to know who I did and hoping to know everyone else in the room. Now that's an amazing event Chin-yer!"
Rebecca Dupas

"Baltimore, very classy. My first year being able to make it!! Great mix of people..from rookies to the veterans. From the cut out your own flyers/bus/walk/really meet people face to face era to the the Facebook, twitter, instagram era. Great night across the board! Some of the highlights-The Cypher....and... Ok, I can't....Everything!"

"Chin-yer is the type of person that only comes along very few times in any one person's life. She is selfless and kind-hearted. I really hope any and everyone that has the chance to experience Chin-yer in their life never takes it for granted. If you do, shame on you! Thanks for being you, Chin-yer #Team Virgo"
EC/Frank Lewis of the "I am Baltimore Hip Hop" Movement and One Koast Entertainment

"Chin-yer, it was amazing! Thank you so much for all your dedication, your vision, your heart....for real. It was a real spark for a lot of people. It was beautiful to see the productivity of Baltimore, the love, the talent...The creator is here...Definitely..Time to shine! Stay bright, Ms. Beacon of light...In the words of the great, late, Tupac Shakur..'You are appreciated..Love!"
-Gaia: Poet Slam Champ/lyricist/producer

"Well Chin-yer Wright (The Baltimore Scene) really made last night dope! The Baltimore Ball was one for the books. Great to see everyone from all the venues that helped to birth and nurture my artistry."
-Black Root

"Thanks Chin-yer for putting together an amazing night!!! and for such a good cause!!"
Alexis Joyce

"The Baltimore Ball was great!! It was so nice seeing everybody all dressed up. We were looking good y'all. We should've taken a big group pic. The poetry was amazing. It was my first time seeing the youth that rep Baltimore so well all over the country and I was so proud. All the musical artists were great. umm can I get those beats please? The night had so many highlights. Chin-yer, thank you! I'm already looking forward to the next one!" -Kutia Jawara

"Had a blast at the Baltimore Ball! Big up to Chin-yer Wright! So proud of you girl"
Anonamas Grooves

The Baltimore Ball was super lit. I laughed, cried, sang, danced, talked to and hugged lots of friends. It was really a great way to round out 2019. Thank you Chin-yer Wright. I love you and everything you do for this city. You're appreciated!"

"Shout out to Chin-yer for organizing the Baltimore Ball. The event was a huge success. There were great poets, great singers, great producers, a great band and a great DJ united for a great cause-books for Baltimore youth. Brothers and sisters donated to promote literacy and education. The event epitomized Black excellence. It represented the beauty of Baltimore. Positive stories like this deserve far more attention." -Anson Asaka

"Had such an amazing time last night at The Baltimore Ball! ! Best night out in a long time. I loved seeing everyone all dressed up and fancy. Everyone looked incredible! And seeing so many familiar faces felt nostalgic. Big up Chin-yer Wright for putting this together. I need this type of energy in my life every month but I'll settle for every year lol" #BaltimoreBall
-Nubia Moon

"It's been awhile since I dressed up and have a good gotdamn time! What's even better? Having fun for a good cause! Chin-yer Wright did the city right! We needed The #BaltimoreBall. Thank you for putting it all together.!'
-Lakia McDaniel

"Last night was fun. Everybody looked great and amazing. Chin-yer do another."
-Golden Angel

"The Baltimore Ball was definitely lit up last night. Appreciated the performances, vendors and all the guests who came out in the rain last night. Salute to Chin-yer for organizing and executing a wonderful event to benefit the children of a great school in Baltimore with books. As the comedian pointed us all out with some good fun, we did show up looking pretty damn good last night."
Ricky Mannen

"Thanks Chin-yer for an amazing event! As always it was my pleasure!"
-Noon Sakinah

"The Baltimore Ball was a Blast. Great seeing you all. Salute Chin-yer"
J Soul

"I want to go the Crown Awards AGAIN tonight lol. I had a ball"
Stan Stunna Street Legal Radio

"Chin-yer thank you for all you do for our arts community. We love and appreciate you."
Karen Crawley-Buckholtz

"Oh my God! That Prince Tribute was EVERYTHING st the #BaltimoreCrownAwards" -Dionne Halsey

"This weekend was EVERYTHING that my heart needed!!! Thank you to Chin-yer Wright and Ogun for all the work that you do. Thank you to the Band Hippie Control!! Thanks Harvey Dent and Adam the sound man for holding us down. Thank you to Omnia Azar for the goal support. You are awesome and I am a fan!! Congratulations to every nominee and winner."
CynDiva Harcum

"Great time at the Crown Awards!!!! Big up to Chin-yer Wright, Beautiful Event!"
DJ Mark Nadir

"Yo the Crown is Littt!!"
-Finesse The Great

"A building full of The Baltimore Scene in almost every genre of art. #CrownAwards"
Marc Avon Evans

"I'm blown that I missed the Crown Awards last night. Big Congrats to all who won and a huge thanks to Chin-yer Wright for bringing the city together every year."
Eze Jackson

"Every year the Crown Awards gets better and better, Chin-yer thank you for throwing an amazing venue."
Derick Ebert

"Shout out to Chin-yer Wright for organizing another amazing event. The energy in the place was amazing."
Courtney Wheeler

"I had a really good time. All of the live acts were awesome. Chin-Yer you are AMAZING and you looked stunning."
Devon Marie

"Tonight was a beautiful event. Thank you for devoting your energy and time to the Baltimore Scene"

"Scrolling through all the love in the pics from last night's Baltimore Crown Awards. Congrats to all the winners and those nominated and a huge thank you to Chin-yer and her team for making sure that Bmore artists are recognized for their amazing work! In the words of Rufus "I'm so glad I live in Baltimore"

"Chin-yer, you did it again. The Baltimore Crown Awards is always the epitome of excellence"
Tamika Thaniel

"The Baltimore Crown Awards was awesome last night. Congrats to all the winners. I'm so proud to be from Baltimore. We have some talented people here. Much love to Chin-Yer. I hope your phone is off today and you are getting some rest because I have no idea how you pull that off with such grace every year"
-Eze Jackson

"When an event "The Baltimore Crown Awards" plants the seed of love, fun and family for the week though!! Honestly, you should go next year. It's hard to describe.
"Heard nothing but great things about the Crown Awards Last night. Congrats on another successful event. Sorry I missed it. Thank you for your continued service to the art community"

"Tonight was beautiful. I love this city. Congrats to all winners #BMOREFOREVER #OOHFOREVER and Chin-yer wins calmest promoter of the year award"
-Kariz Marcel (producer)

"I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone that attended the Baltimore Crown Awards last night. To those who couldn't make it, the event was a huge success for Baltimore. The Showcase was full of excitement, featuring some of Baltimore's best talent. Special thanks to Chin-yer for putting on for this city. Baltimore needs more positive events like this to inspire creativity in our youth. The Baltimore Crown Awards show recognizes the talent in our community. To me, everyone that participated and was nominated is a winner. Do your part to support local artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Peace!"
Chuck Dee (Organizer/Owner of Monarch T's)

"I just want to give a huge shout out to Chin-yer for doing such an awesome job of highlighting all this talent in the beautiful city of ours at her annual Baltimore Crown Awards Show. I'm telling you she highlighted every scene making magic in this city, from vocalist and emcee to designer and bloggers and everything in between. I was in love with all the love in the building. It made my heart proud to still have OOH in the building. Shout out goes to Ogun for setting the tone from the beginning of the show, and for DJ Harvey Dent for keeping OOH's music in the mix. This was special. Congratulations to everyone nominated and everyone who won. You guys make us all proud! Yeah, today was a good day"
-Sista Tracy (poet)

"Those Baltimore cyphers were SOOOO live last night!! at The Baltimore Crown Awards. Way better than BET"
-Janae Tru (blogger)

"Had so much fun at the Baltimore Crown awards last night. It was definitely an amazing, totally positive experience shared by a room full of beautifully talented people! Congratulations to Chin-yer, our host Ogun (who by the way was fire in the cypher, ALL the winners and nominees, and to all who made this awesome event possible! Already looking forward to next year!"
Sonja Davis-Lawrence (CEO at Sonika Imaging)

"I will continue tomorrow but WHOA that Baltimore Crown Award Cypher! Oh my gracious. That was classic. Woo! Loved it! and the Hero came out of retirement to end it. Yo, I'm about to dream about Hip Hop in 5..4..3..2..1. Baltimore Music is alive and very well. Chin-yer, another successful award show sis"
Ms. Tris Beats (Producer)

"Big Shout out to Chin-yer for putting on another phenomenal event"
Anita Foster (film maker/radio personality/community activist)


“I look forward to The Crown Awards every year! There are not many events that capture a family vibe, but yet are still entertaining and filled with such high energy throughout the night. I’m guaranteed to see people that I haven’t seen in years, as well as an abundance of key players to the Baltimore Music scene. I think the awards are a great way to acknowledge the hard work of the artists in our city, as well as give them something to feel proud of. I remember winning past awards and showing my mother and family members, and really feeling a sense of dignity about it. My mother’s reaction in particular really made me realize that I spend so much time away from my family because of music, and it made her feel happy that at least I was being acknowledged for those investments.

The Crown Awards is my family reunion. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when you see all your cousins, nephews, aunts and uncles that you haven’t seen all year long. It’s like you forget that you’re even at The 5 Seasons. It feels more like a neighborhood cook out or block party with a great DJ, host, live music, drinks and great people. I have struggled recently with being bored with the Baltimore Music Scene, in part because I am getting older, but more over it seems that no one really puts time into creating an experience. Anybody can give an event but can you create an actual experience that leaves the consumer or fan feeling like they have invested their time and money into something worthwhile. The Crown gives me something to be proud of as well as something to look forward to. I salute Chin-Yer and counter parts for being able to maintain this event for 7 years. People seldom realize the work, organization, energy and time that it really takes to pull off not only an awards show but a successful event period.

Shout out to all those who still care! Salute to all those who put in countless hours of work to offer platforms for artists to showcase their talents whether MCing, poetry, producing, dancing, photography, DJing and so on. Our city is truly filled with talent but we sometimes seem to forget about the ones behind the scenes giving us all a place to seen and heard. I can’t until this time next year and I look forward to all of the other great events that “The Baltimore Scene” has in the works.”


“The Baltimore Crown Awards provides legitimacy for the collective efforts of the Baltimore Arts community. One of the best things about the
event is that it provides recognition for those who work very hard behind-the-scenes to organize events, independent media, photographers and more.
There are many aspects besides the artists that make up a successful arts community and the Crown does a great job acknowledging that each year.

The 2013 event was the 7th event that was held. The venue was packed with many notable homegrown talents in what felt like a family reunion.
The event featured great performances from various genres such as spoken word, R&B, dance, and hip hop, as well as heartfelt praise and acknowledgement for winners of awards this year. Overall, the event was a great success and a reminder of what talent exists within the greater Baltimore community.”


"Had an amazing time tonight... BALTIMORE has some of the greatest talent here and I wish everyone much SUCCESS! Shout out to Ms. Chin Yer for putting on an phenomenal event"
-Anita D. Foster: Founder of Hip Hop For The Homeless

"Had an awesome time at the awards S/O to Chin-Yer..,,,cant wait till next year!!
-Finesse The Best

"The Baltimore Crown Awards was off the chain! Shout out to Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescenefor inviting me and putting together a great show. Congrats to all the nominees and winners of the awards. Baltimore Stand Up!"
-Taavon Smith of

"Shout to Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescene! Year 7 was great! 8th Annual will be even better! #BaltimoreCrown."
-Singleton Newman

"Just left the 7th Annual Baltimore Crown Awards!! Did a ton of networking and number exchanging!! Super excited to make crazy moves to close out the year and even bigger ones next year!!! I'm still in awe!! Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescene really put on a great event!!! Thanks to everyone who came to show love!!!"
-Rob Sevon-vocalist
"Last night was very impressive Chin-yer"
-Tafari Behind the Scenes Magazine

"Thanking my beautiful sister Chin-Yer for an awesome night. Can't say enough about these Crown Awards. It was like homecoming."
-Sevon Johnson

"In regards to the Baltimore Crown Awards...just want to say THANK YOU Chin-yer. This event is sooooo necessary...soo many people I don't get to see often were literally "all" there.
Bryan Hoyt


"Thank you Chin-yer for a great awards show, my first time attending. Nominated (Promoter of the Year) Presenter (Best Underground Release) and Thank you for those words of encouragement said to me in the back. Thank you and congratulations to everyone either nominated or performed. Big shout out to the funny dude, Larry Lancaster. He kept the crowd in laugh mode."
-Buck Jones
Party Promoter

"It was good seeing everybody last night...saw a few people I haven't seen in a minute...Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescene you did a great job putting this together as usual...again congrats to all the winners and nominees..."
Krizz of Middle Man Designs

"Thank you for letting me speak about France and Polar Bear Plunge 2014! 50.00 was raised last night because of you and will be added to the account today!!! Baltimore yall re-opened my eyes about my hometown yesterday... not cause of the donations but the unity that was in the building and the love ... Chin-Yer did a great job and I can wait till next year cause I WILL be there! Peace Bless!"

"Last night was a great night! Thank you for all your work. You looked beautiful by the way!"

"Thank you Chin-Yer, that was dope! "
Fame: Creator of

"On the real, I really enjoyed myself at The Crown Awards last night. Chin-Yer Thebaltimorescene you did a wonderful job at putting everything together Sista. I also want to congratulate ALL award winners as well as nominees in every category, win or lose it shows that people are paying attention to you and appreciate what you do, so don't view it as a loss, only a motivating factor to make you push harder. Definitely a big big salute is in order for all of the Baltimore Legends that received recognition as well. I had a great time. Even got a couple of S.O.N. shout outs on the Mic. #ShiningOverNegativity"
-Baltimore Son

"I applaud you on your vision, your execution, and your delivery for the awesome talent in Baltimore"

"Chin, you are truly an amazing person! We are all better people for having known you in our lives. Can't say that about everyone, including myself... I don't really know if words can describe what you are to me, hip-hop and the city of Baltimore. God bless you!"-
Frank Lewis

-Sean Toure

"You worked very hard girl and provided a great platform for all who were awarded! Congratulations on a successful event! I am very proud of you"
-Navasha Daya

"The Baltimore Crown Awards were a lot of fun tonight! Great job Chin Yer! Congratulation to Marc Evans for his Baltimore Legend Award. It was an honor to present that award to you. Thank both of you for what you do for Baltimore and have done for me."-

"Had a great time last night at The Baltimore Crown Awards! S/O to Chin Yer for putting on a great event for the 6th time in a row!!!! Anybody who is anybody was definitely in the building!"-

"I think I speak on all of us when I say this so I just wanna publicly put dis out there.....Baltimore loves you Chin-yer. Thank you for everything you do n have done thus far. We appreciate it"
-Savage the Beast

"The Baltimore Crown Awards was everything last night..& It only happens once a year..Chin-Yer put her all into this one.Congrats to all the Awards Winners.. The live band Cypher was Dope. Navasha Daya was an amazing Blessing. Jahiti.Ama Chandra. DJ Harvey Dent for controlling the vibe and Playing my Song #Sober. It felt so Good!!!Can't wait till next year ♥ #Art.Baltimore.Love.Community♥"
-Whitney Chase

"Shout Outs to Chin Yer and the entire squad over there at the Baltimore Crown Awards. The 6th Annual was a great success and I truly appreciate you guys thinking of me. I had a GREAT TIME!!! Big up to all those who won last night! It means a lot to me to be awarded by my Bmore Family."
-C Clear

"I was blown away by Shadeed Eleazer's presentation of my award! I have been on stage hundreds of times and have had the honor of winning a few awards but I never never literally gotten shook-en up and felt like I would cry until I heard everything he had to say! Big shout out to Baltimore Scene and Chin-Yer for the incredible event (and its years of success). And huge shout out for Mr. Shadeed for being the only person ever who was ever able to make me shake on stage and almost cry in front of a crowd! lol"

"Chin yer it was a pleasure working with you. I just read on Rain Pryors page the phrase belief with intention. That's how I live my life and that's how I saw your vision play out last night. All those different elements giving great energy last night. I was honored to be a part. It's only going to get bigger and better. Cause artists in Baltimore are doing bigger better things. Will bring even more attention to an already well ran good energy event. THAT is belief, with intent."
-Ama Chandra

"Shout out to Chin-Yer and the Baltimore Crown. I had a good time last night and got a lot of networking done! If you missed it....smh just make sure you make it next year!"
-Hazzy aka Hazardous Truth

"The Baltimore Crown Awards (2012) was everything last night..& It only happens once a year..Chin-Yer put her all into this one.Congrats to all the Awards Winners.. The live band Cypher was Dope. Navasha Daya was an amazing Blessing. Jahiti.Ama Chandra. DJ Harvey Dent for controlling the vibe and Playing my Song #Sober. It felt so Good!!!Can't wait till next year ♥ #Art.Baltimore.Love.Community♥"
-Whitney Chase

"Hands down, the most people I've ever seen at a hip hop event before 9PM lol! Thanks again for everything. You created another night for everyone in the scene to remember"
-DJ REMEDY (Crown Awards 2011)

"Shout out to Chin-yer and The Baltimore Crown Awards for all the love. It feels good to be appreciated"
-Walter M. Jones-Host of Warm Wednesdays

"Thank you for having this and all your other awesome events babe.Tay Tay loves you and appreciates all of your hard work"
Tay Tay of Tayland Promotions.

"This was an event that really showed how much the artistic community can come out and support each other. I had such a wonderful time last night. Big up to The Baltimore Scene. Chin-yer, you outdid yourself on this one. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work
-Permiss of Politic with Permiss

"Last night was definitely a beautiful event to be a part of.It gave new artists and producers like myself a real opportunity to showcase our talent. Chin-yer keep doing what you do. You'll always have support from me and the homegrown inc, family"

-General Beatz

"I think that this event was the best event I have been to in a long time! It is so great to see all crafts of art there. I really enjoy the poetry/spoken word! ... To me, it is lyrics without the music"
-Lisa of Baltimore Paparazzi

"Great Job tonight. It was wonderful to hear how much people love you.I enjoyed meeting new people, the music, and applauding the winners"
-Karen Crawly-Bucholtz Poet, Sponsor of "Poets for Dinner", and creator of The Healing Space

"Great Event!! Congrats! Wasn't feeling well when I got there... left feeling 100% better"
-DJ Spontaneous

"It [The Baltimore Crown] was a great atmosphere. I just want everyone to know, as far as The Baltimore Scene goes....what you see is what you get. We, are the scene, and we need to realize that it is up to us, and us alone, to formulate a plan to make the city/world notice us. Thanks to Chin-yer for putting everything together and for the opportunity to take part in that and thanks to everyone for supporting me out there. That made me feel right at home. Let's get it Baltimore"
-Nobi-Graphic Designer & Producer

"Hey Sis! Last night was my first time attending the crown awards! Even though I got there late and had to leave early, I enjoyed myself last night! Thank you for all that you do to support the movement"
Deborah Johnson

-Singleton Newman.

-Mike Traum